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Tech-Demat-ValidityPeriod (5)

a. Can it still be collected by means of the RID?
Answer: no

b. Is this the overview of the reservations (ListReservations)
Answer: Reservation is a status as set by a visi-flag by the patient, and only then possible to be listed, with the function ListReservations. If the RID is expired, the prescription will no longer be active on the Recip-e server, and thus not possible to list.

c. Is this in the list of the ListOpenPrescriptions
Answer: no. This prescription is no longer in “open” status to get an action.

The pharmaceutical product can not be OBTAINED FROM RECIP_E SO CERTAINLY NOT delivered. The patient needs to go back to his medical Doctor or you can phone him/ her to ask for a new prescription which you might also get access to digitally if there is a therapeutic relation (patient has e-ID with him/ her).

For medication it is still possible to indicate the “startdate” in a specific field. Ex. for abuses, mental illnesses, …. there might be reasons to delay the delivery.

Yes, the creation date is the base date (day to day) to calculate the expiration date of a prescription.

This is not possible. They will no longer be available on the Recip-e servers.

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