You play a key role in implementing new digital tools for health care professionals, whether prescribers or providers.

The issuing of electronic health care prescriptions is one of the important projects of the e-Health plan initiated a few years ago by the federal authorities, in consultation with the federated entities. Today, more and more professionals are adopting Recip-e, the new system that enables the delivery of electronic prescriptions.

We offer you various development modules adapted to each profession: doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, etc. These regularly updated kits make it easy to install Recip-e in your software. You will find below the different versions, as well as many explanatory documents.

An information session was held on 09/10/2018 to take stock of the progress of the system. Interested?

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  • Implementation

  • Error codes

  • Software Development Kit individual prescribers (doctors, dentists, midwives)

Prescriber SDK v1.8.0 BETA

Prescriber SDK v1.7.1

Prescriber SDK v1.7.0_Patch

  • Individual prescribing documentation (doctors, dentists, midwives)

Content guidelines & validation (Kmehr 1.17.1 & Kmehr 1.19)

  • Software Development Kit pharmacists

Executor SDK v1.8.0 BETA

Executor SDK v1.7.1

Executor SDK v1.6.1_Patch

Executor SDK v1.6.1_Patch2

  • Pharmacists documentation

Integration Specifications v1.6.1

Content Guidelines & Validation

  • Hospital Software Development Kit

There is no specific kit yet for hospitals. More info in the documentation below.

  • Hospital documentation

Préscrire dans un hôpital

Retrouvez ci-dessous les spécifications techniques pour l’intégration de Recip-e en milieu hospitalier :

Integration specifications for hospitals (Prescribers) v1.0.5

Content Guidelines & Validation

Workshop « Last Mile » Hospitals 12/12/2017

Intégration dans le logiciel des pharmacies hospitalières

Les informations techniques pour l’intégration de Recip-e dans le logiciel des pharmacies hospitalières peuvent être téléchargées ici:

Integration specifications for hospitals (Executors) v0.0.3

  • Outils utiles pour le développeur

Click here for the prescription validator tool Kmehr 1.19 and 1.28