Is it expected that we will make printing more difficult? Patient and pharmacist provided?

Digital RID is also expected to be much more extended, which allows also much less printing. Printing RID should not be encouraged. Digital RID (if there is a possibility to digitalize this) can be encouraged.
There is a big dependency of the patientplatforms that will be setting the visiflags and ensure some guarantee/ choices on privacy of the prescriptions. As long as these are not created (we do not know the exact dates), we need to lock the digital access to Recip-e by the pharmacist.
Be Careful! Until the visiflags are implemented all prescriptions without flags will be set on “locked” to open based on INSZ functions (ListRelations, ListOpenPrescriptions, ListRidsHistory). As such we are sure that the privacy choice of the patient is met.
Afterwards, when the flags are developed/ implemented, they can have the status as provided in the specifications.

Category: Tech-Demat-Regulation